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Passport to Learning, Inc

Passport to Learning, Inc

Operating in Southern and Northern California, Passport To Learning is dedicated to assisting individuals with special needs (classified as MMR, intellectual disability). Passport To Learning provides unique programs to empower individuals with special needs to set and attain personal goals. Passport To Learning offers a diverse number of services in the health and Human Services field from judicially Involved Supports Services to Supported Living Services. Our Business was established in 1977, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality educational and support services.

Our Opportunities

Independent Living Skills (ILS) Instructors- Sacramento:

Is a functional skills education, mentor-style and support services for individuals with Autism, MMR, Down Syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities to increase their daily living skills at home and in the community.

Budgeting, cooking skills, cleaning (upkeep), scheduling appointments.
Relay information in a comprehensive way regarding medication, appointments, or services. You may be needed to attend doctor appointments, IPP meetings, or assist with filling out applications (e.g., Section 8, medical forms, CalFresh).

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: AA/AS degree; or completion of 60 units to include at least three units with a minimum of 2.7 GPA in one of the following disciplines: social sciences, human services, psychology, education, or teacher's assistant.

Judicially Involved Support Services (JISS) Instructors- Sacramento: Provides support and guidance in a mentor-style relationship to help clients foster better decision-making skills, in efforts to become productive and confident members of society.

The main goal is to help keep our clients out of jail. Some clients are judicially involved; meaning, they have gotten in trouble with the law (e.g., probation, parole, diversion plan, etc.). Some clients are in our program for recidivism prevention; meaning, they may be at-risk due to ongoing maladaptive behaviors or may violate probation/parole due to non-compliance with court orders.

We also provide 1:1 Anger Management skills training, which some clients may be court mandated to participate.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS degree; in one of the following disciplines: Psychology, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Social Services, Human Services, Education, or other relevant disciplines.

Parent Support Service (PSS) Instructors – Sacramento/Yuba City/Marysville: You work one-to-one with parents who have and ID/DD in a mentor-style/instructor relationship to teaching parenting skills.

The goal of PSS is to assist in providing a safe and stable living environment for our consumer and their family. Consumers may need support with topics such as, but not limited to healthy diets, IEPs with school districts, support during children’s doctor’s appointments, education on child’s development or developmental needs (many times consumers children’s also have a disability they need assistance understanding). There could be legal components, such as: custody hearings, child support, co- parenting issues, CPS cases (this may require you to be present at court mandated supervised visits).

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: AA/AS degree; or completion of 60 units to include at least three units with a minimum of 2.7 GPA in one of the following disciplines: social sciences, human services, child development/early childhood education, psychology, education, or teacher's assistant.

Why Work for Us?

Our Mission: Passport To Learning, Inc. (PTL) is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and others with closely related mild to moderate developmental disorders. PTL’s emphasis is to empower individuals to make positive choices in their lives, pursue meaningful goals for personal growth and development, and improve their overall quality of life.

Our Vision: Passport To Learning envisions an inclusive society, where individuals with intellectual disabilities are appreciated for their different abilities. A society where every person is given the support, guidance, education, training, or counsel needed to realize his or her highest ambition or potential. Our Values: Service excellence, purpose-driven, integrity, courtesy, empathy, equality, diversity, and inclusion are our values. We provide a meaningful and individualized service, service excellence. We make a difference in every community we serve, purpose-driven. We hold that honesty and trustworthiness are our abiding principles, integrity. We respect and listen to our people, courtesy. We care about the well-being and success of every person, empathy. We are at our best when everyone has an equal chance to contribute, equality. We embrace differences, diversity and inclusion.

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