Direct Service Providers Jobs in California

For Providers

The DSP Collaborative is a DSP recruitment effort that combines a multi-media advertising project to brand the term DSP with an on-line DSP Collaborative job site that connects potential employees with subscribing DD provider employers.

The Need

The DSP Collaborative website was launched in direct response to the number one challenge facing California’s Developmental Disabilities System–the workforce crisis. Providers are experiencing record high staff vacancies and employee turnover. In addition, the federal Department of Labor projects that direct care will be the number one job in demand during the next twenty years, resulting in a challenge of significant proportions.

The Competition

We have to compete! Little is known about DSP’s outside of the IDD system. We have to aggressively market and brand the term DSP to help people understand the inherent value of the job and then immediately connect those who might be interested to an employer.

The Plan

To effectively recruit DSPs on an ongoing basis a coordinated, centralized process (complimentary to your own agency efforts) is required to increase awareness of and familiarity with the role of DSPs and who they support. For this website, the term DSP is inclusive of all types of direct support positions including waiver, ICF, employment, day array and transportation.

DSP Collaborative consists of five major components:

        • Branding-Media Planning & Buying

          Through the use of continual multi-media purchases DSP Collaborative will continuously build awareness and understanding of the term DSP, the rewarding nature of the work and the potential career opportunities available.

        • Connectivity

          Using a data-driven, integrated marketing communications strategy, DSP Collaborative focuses on provider identified employee demographics and offers interested employees a simple way to immediately connect with prospective employers.

        • Website

          The DSP Collaborative website functions as a job site and will be the conduit between interested employee and provider employer.

        • Sustainability

          DSP Collaborative is a subscription-based service open to all DD providers. Revenues from subscriptions and advertising will be reinvested back into multi-media buys–ensuring an ongoing recruitment effort.

        • Metrics

          All components of DSP Collaborative are data-driven and measurable allowing for continual learning and adaptation to become more and more sophisticated and effective.