Developmental Disabilities Direct Support Workforce


Direct Support Professionals assist hundreds of thousands of Californians with developmental disabilities to work and live as independently as possible. Current workforce shortages impact the ability for these services and supports to be truly individualized. DSPCollaborative is an initiative by two neighboring regional centers and their service providers to promote employment in the developmental disabilities field.

About the Regional Centers

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) and Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) are private, non-profit corporations working under contract with the State of California, Department of Developmental Services, to provide services to persons, age three through adult or through end of life with a developmental disability pursuant to the Lanterman Act.

We provide services to infants and toddlers, between birth and 36 months, who have a need for early intervention services and who meet the eligibility criteria for the California Early Start program.

ACRC and VMRC are two of 21 regional centers in California who have the awesome responsibility to provide services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities from birth through the duration of their life. ACRC is the fourth largest regional center, serving more than 27,000 individuals with developmental disabilities across our ten-county catchment. VMRC covers a 5 county catchment and is currently supporting more then 19,000 individuals with developmental disabilities. Similar to ACRC we also continue to grow and will soon be opening a 4th office in the Tracy, CA area.