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Supported Life Institute - Self Advocacy Chapters

Supported Life Institute - Self Advocacy Chapters

The Supported Life Institute supports these self advocacy chapters: California Autistic Self Advocacy (CASA), Capitol People First, Marysville People First, Placerville People First, Sacramento United People First, South Area People First, and Yolo People First

Our Opportunities

Advisors for Self Advocacy Chapters

The Supported Life Institute supports self advocacy chapters throughout the greater Sacramento region.  We are looking to hire advisors for several chapters.  

Self advocacy chapters are an opportunity for adults who have developmental disabilities to learn about their rights, available services and resources, and leadership skills.  The meetings are led by self advocates.  Advisors support self advocates to make their own decisions and lead their meetings.  

Advisors work approximately 6-10 hours a month.  Advisors’ work schedule depends on the specific chapter they support and the chapter’s meeting schedule.  However, all chapter meetings are held in the late afternoon, evenings, or weekends.   Advisors may work with more than one chapter.

Advisors are paid $17.12 per hour.  Mileage is reimbursed at .59 cents per mile.  Advisors are employees of the Supported Life Institute and must pass background checks, reliable transportation, proof of auto insurance, and reliable internet.

Advisor positions are available in Sacramento, Marysville, Roseville, and Elk Grove.

Advisors responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly chapter meetings (meetings generally last 1.5 to 2 hours) and officers meetings (approximately 1-2 hours per month).

  • Provide individualized support to chapter officers and members to help them prepare for chapter, officer, and other meetings and participate in these meetings.

  • Support officers to run their meetings with agendas, minutes, bylaws, and other tools.  Modify tools as needed (e.g. use plain language, large print, and/or graphics).

  • Work with officers to ensure that everyone at meetings is treated with respect and has an opportunity to participate.

  • Assist with chapter fundraising activities (if applicable to chapter).

  • Attend regional self advocacy meetings (2x/yr).

  • Attend advisor trainings (2-4x/yr).

  • Help chapter plan and give presentations to programs and community (if applicable to chapter).

  • Work cooperatively with chapter members and other advisors.

  • Help members make transportation arrangements or provide transportation (if applicable).

If interested please contact Cindy Ruder at sli.peeradvocacy@gmail.com

Why Work for Us?

Working with self advocacy chapters provides an opportunity to support individuals to develop self advocacy and leadership skills. Chapter advisors receive ongoing training and support to provide outstanding services to self advocates. Being an advisor allows you to develop supportive relationships with self advocates, work as a team with other advisors, and further develop your DSP skills and knowledge.

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